Anger Monster

Today was a bad day at work. Bad things happened. Not to me, but just in general. Funny though, I thought I was handling it really well. I learned I may have been harboring some resentment towards my day when I returned home and felt irritated by everything in my path. Bad days at work really don’t happen often for me in my current profession, but I certainly remember jobs when most days were bad, or at the least, a lot of days were bad. Sometimes I feel like I am carrying that old baggage of negativity around with me like a dormant infection in my body waiting for an opportunity to resurface.

Baggage is a funny thing, because it convinces us it’s important, all the while holding the weight of issues better left behind. Resentment of past experiences can easily transform into heavy baggage, and not at all useful. Bad days don’t need to be scrapbooked or carved into rock for constant wound picking.

Perhaps by now you might be wondering what this has to do about being a disabled professional? Well, this particular post is intended to demonstrate that typical thoughts, feelings, and experiences happen at work for individuals with disabilities just as much as individuals without. Thus, we may conclude the anger monsters could happen to anyone. They infect our attitudes on life, work, and self-image. They have the ability to disguise themselves and sink so far into our subconscious that we begin to feel powerless to stop them from taking control.

All individuals in a workplace could potentially run into the anger monster. I just want you to be watching out for it. If you feel angry or resentful, call yourself out on it and give yourself permission to not bring the baggage forward. Make a choice to either meet a difficult situation, thought, or feeling head on or to let it go and just leave it alone.


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